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Make-up training course

The permanent make-up course at PAREDO Academy is a theoretical and practical preparation for the profession of linergist.

The training program was developed by a certified person with many years of experience. Our students get a guarantee that they have access to the latest permanent make-up techniques of eyebrows, eyes and lips, as well as learning under the guidance of the best professionals in this field.

Permanent make-up courses take place in a professionally equipped beauty salon. Sylwia Brylowska is an instructor - click here for more details.

Each course participant receives training materials and the opportunity to improve his or her permanent make-up techniques on models. In addition, throughout the course, participants are under a professional supervision of an expert in the profession.

Permanent make-up course ends with a practical part – making permanent make-up under the watchful eye of a trainer. After obtaining the necessary knowledge and experience, students receive a certificate which conforms with the Ministry of National Education's template and a diploma of PAREDO Academy.

All training courses are refundable from labour offices across the country.